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Chem Notes - R is 8.314J/molK Q7 dG0rxn = dG0N2O4 – dGNO2...

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Delta Srxn = (sum VpSp) - (sum VrSr) here v is the coefficient of the compound in the reaction. Delta Hrxn = (sum VpHp) – (sum VrHr) at boiling point dG0 = dH0 – sTS0 = 0 for many non polar liquids (ex. Octane - C8H18, benzene – C6H6) dS = 87J/molK Trutons Law dH0vap = (Tbp) (87 J/molK) T is in units of K
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Unformatted text preview: R is 8.314J/molK Q7. dG0rxn = dG0N2O4 – dGNO2 = (97.82-2*51.30) = -478kJ/mol dG = -RT ln (Keq) dependance of Keq from temperature dG0 = dH0 – TdS0 dG0 = -RT ln Keq ln (K2/K1) = -(dH/R)][(1/T2)-(1/T1)] ln (K2/K1) = -(dH/R)][(T2-T1)/(T1*T2)] here T is in K and R is...
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