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March 29 Bio Lecture Notes - Life cycle of Anthosperms...

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Life cycle of Anthosperms. Megaspore Mother cells and Microspore Mother cells are in different palces Microspore mother cells make 4 microspores that have generative cells and tube cells in them. The Generative cells makes a tube when it gets on the stigma to penetrate the ovary. The central cells meet up with the discharged sperm nuclei to make the egg nucleus which has an embryo that is haploid, a new sporophyte empryo that is diploid and finally a triploid endosperm. Monoecious - This means one originating plant. Two sexes on one plant. Dioecious – Two sexes on two different plants. This means two originating plant. Ex. The holly – The holly berries are produced my females. The males produces flowers with just the anthers. If we have a female that is not producing any red berries then it means that there is no flowers coming up because they do not have a male holly nearby. Another example is the Ginko.
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