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Recruitment and Selection is an area that is important within a business. To have a better understanding one needs to know why it is people decide to leave the company and why it is people choose to stay in company. Once it is understood why people are leaving the company then those issues can be fixed. This of course is if there is a company issue that is causing the employees to leave. Once we understand why it is people choose to stay with the company then we can figure out the part of the company that does not need work. This would help the company to determine exactly what needs work and then the company would know what areas do not need any work at all. Of course we know that no company is perfect and we know that work needs to be done everywhere. We just need to see what areas need work and fix them.
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Unformatted text preview: Secondly I would say that the performance appraisal is important. If the company allows the employees to be a part of the decision making then it can help the employees to have a better understanding of the job it is they are expected to do. By being fair, concise, and explaining expectations up front one gives the employees a chance to perform at or above expectancy. I have learned through my experiences that while some appraisals can be exceptional, there are still areas that can be improved. We of course do not need to let the employees think that they are doing everything accurately when they are not. We need to let the employees know what needs work and do this appropriately. Doing so will ensure that no one has any hard feelings in the process....
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