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Children’s First Clothing LaTosha Moncus December 06, 2009 BUS210/ Michelle Watson We just like any company started out as a small business. The first store started out with nine employees and grew to a big 500. Our company is the first and only company that offers child care while the parents shop for their children. We offer a variety of items for children. Some of these items start at clothing, shoes, and toys. I started this business with my children in mind. I was a single mother who wanted to support my children. To pursue this dream I brought my children to work. This is where the idea of child care came into play. This company has been in business for over 19 years and still continues to grow. The major thing that makes this business continue to grow is the fact of putting family first. People enjoy knowing that here we put family first. We are a family oriented business. The employees are just that; family. We treat all employees and customers as such. Family is number one priority when it comes to this business. That is the main reason the business was started 19 years ago.
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bus210sundayweeksix - Childrens First Clothing LaTosha...

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