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Court System Structure I - The other kind of court house is...

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Michael Commire Sr. Court System Structure I Scott Dunn January 19, 2010 CJS220 It is very interesting where I live due to the point that the Federal Court House is right next to the state court houses. When you go into the state court houses you will see normally 3 Sherriff deputy’s waiting by the metal detector so that you can come thru. When you get thru the metal detectors you will see a bunch of court rooms all over the place. These court rooms are for various things such as criminal law to family law. In most cases they are for misdemeanors. These misdemeanors are heard by the judge to see if you are innocent or guilty if found guilty you just get taken over to the county jail and have to sit there.
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Unformatted text preview: The other kind of court house is the federal court house. The federal court house you will go in where you will not see a Sherriff deputy but a U.S. Marshal that is waiting at the metal detectors before you can go back into the court room. You may also see some F.B.I. agents there. The Federal Court House is a place where criminals that are not looking at a light sentence at the county jail or even the state prison but Federal Prison is where these guys are going if they are found guilty of the crime in which they are being accused of commiting....
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