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Crime Prevention Programs

Crime Prevention Programs - 1 Why must the police implement...

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1. Why must the police implement community-based programs designed for crime prevention? What do these programs provide for the community? The police implement community-based programs due to the point that it keeps the people of the community out of trouble. These programs varies from the community most communities offer games for kids or explorers for teenagers and the young adults. This with the police departments doing this it makes the streets a little bit safer for the community with everyone busy and the police interacting with the citizens of the community. Some other programs are like the neighborhood watches and stuff make the communities feel safer to know that people are looking out for other people in the community to make sure that the crime in the community stay to a minimum. 2. What are some of the challenges associated with the implementation of these programs? Some of the challenges that police may face with some of these programs is if someone
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