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Thesis Statement : Some Americans argue there should be stricter gun control laws, while others disagree. 1. How many Americans own guns? A. Three out of every four Americans have a gun. B. Even if Americans are not using these for protection purposes the amount of guns are on the rise. 80% of Americans use guns for recreational use. 2. Should Americans be allowed to carry there guns with them? A. According the United States Constitution Second Amendment Americans should be allowed to bare firearm. B. Guns should be allowed to be used for protection, safety, and recreational use. C. Every American should be able to carry guns if safety procedures are followed. 3. Why shouldn’t we be able to carry guns? A. Guns were involved in the school shootings across America. B. People not knowing how to use guns are using these commiting crimes accidently. C. Kids getting a hold of guns because of adults not following proper safety precautions. 4. Should there be testing before you get a gun permit
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Unformatted text preview: A. There are already background checks required before purchasing a firearm. There should also be a psychological test that you go through before you can get a permit. B. There should be some kind of license in all states to carry a gun. C. People that don’t pass the test should not be able to purchase a gun. Where did you place the most effective arguments in your paper? Explain your reasoning. The most effective argument is placed in the beginning of the paper. The reason this is was because I wanted the reader to know exactly what the paper was about when they started to read it. o How did you address counterarguments without weakening your own premise? I addressed the counter arguments as I am sure they will be brought up but I found nice facts on some of the reasoning’s why people do it and also what we can do to prevent it from happening. I used facts and addressed concerns on both sides of the arguments....
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Full Sentence Outline - A There are already background...

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