Police Relationships to Communities and Populations

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Question 1. I believe the need for proper relationships between the police and the community is the fact that they should be friendly with each other. Some of the advantages of that would be the fact the community treats the officers better as the police treat the community as they would like to be treated and not everyone is a criminal. Some of the disadvantages to this is it would be hard for the police officer to arrest there friend. It would not only be that if the officer is friendly with the community and just someone sits there and does do something to hurt the officer they would not be expecting that. Question 2. Two of the communities that I had chose were outlined in chapter 9 is The African American community and the gay community. The African American community is one of those community where the police did not treat the people as they should have been treated the police did not treat the people as they are just as equal as they are in this it had caused many riots in the 1960’s. I chose the gay community due to the
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Unformatted text preview: point that not everyone thinks of gays as I do. I believe it is their lifestyle they should be able to live it how they want to. In this the gay community has had it a little better then the African American community due to the fact that police officers as in San Francesco have made it easier for them due to the point that they made bias units to help the gay community to protect them from “gay bashing” Question 3. As I had read the chapter one of the population groups that I would like to talk about is the minority group. The minority group as went quite a bit in the past. The minority groups have not been well liked by police officers all over the country. Another group that I will talk about is the tribal groups. The tribal groups have had it easier then the minority groups due to the fact the tribal groups normally have their own officers of their tribe which makes it easier on most tribal members....
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