The Official Language Movement

The Official Language Movement - Michael Commire Sr...

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Michael Commire Sr. Danielle Bethea The Official Language Movement Ethics 125 December 11, 2009 One article read states that politics makes bilingual a dirty word. It states that in the year 2005 was the seventh anniversary of the proposition 227. This article states that it is politically correct to rule bilingual education as a failure. Learning a second language has never been a priority in public schools. Although some would agree the article also states that educators disagree and still continue to teach multiple languages. Some teachers who teach foreign languages argue that learning a second language can open doors for career opportunities. A second article that was read stated that some politicians are completely against bilingual learning. They feel as though English should be the number one language in the Uninted States and other languages should be secondary. It stated in the article that citizenship requires passing a test in American History. This politician feels as though English is the language needed to survive in this country. He feels as though everyone should learn English
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The Official Language Movement - Michael Commire Sr...

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