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Both charts list multiple options in the both group category. It is hard to narrow down and judge a group we are unsure of. The Muslim and Arab Americans I have never really learned much about. It is almost impossible to say that one group is better than the other because we have no right to judge. Most of these options were put in the both group category because not one group is better than the other. There are people from the Christian American group as well as the Muslim and Arab American group that relate on multiple things. People from both categories think the same. It is possible that some would say they differ on a lot but I would say that everyone has their own opinion and I think most people are the same. Chart number one says that Christians are family oriented. I can say I agree, but I feel that both groups are family oriented. Chart number one says that the Muslim and Arab Americans are sexist. I can say that this may be true about some but I feel that this
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Unformatted text preview: should be put in the both category group because some Christian Americans are sexists also. I think that most Americans assume things about another person or group based on what they have learned or experience throughout life. I know at times I have thought something about someone before getting to know them all because of what someone else has said. I think that this chart shows how someone can say that a group can be one way based off of someone assuming the other group is not. People seem to assume things about people they do not know even if they have no clue they are doing it. I think this is how people come up with perceptions on another, the thoughts of different groups. It may not be the right idea to judge off of another's opinion, actually it is not a good idea at all but people have an issue realizing they have even done this....
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