Week 6 - Personal Values

Week 6 - Personal Values - Running head: PERSONAL VALUES...

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PERSONAL VALUES PAPER 2 Personal Values Paper In this paper, the author will discuss her personal values and business ethics. The results of the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) will be presented and discussed. The paper will also address how the author’s personal values fit within Kudler Fine Foods culture. Personal Values vs. Business Ethics Personal values are formed through the influence of parents, culture, religion, socio-economic status, and beliefs. The strongest influence comes from parents. Children develop their sense of self from their parents and environment. As children grow, their sphere of influence evolves as more outside sources come into their lives. This can cause changes in the child’s values; however, the core values remain intact. Business ethics is a standard of conduct that is established by the leadership of an organization. Ethics are not the same as values and can conflict at times. Recently, there have been cases where past employees for some of the large banks have come forward to reveal the unethical behavior in the financial sector. These employees were
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Week 6 - Personal Values - Running head: PERSONAL VALUES...

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