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330SampleExam1Au09 - First 5 letters of your last name OSU...

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First 5 letters of your last name OSU “Dot” Number Name: ________________________________________________ last first MI Recitation Day and Start Time: _____________________ Instructions: You must use pencil to write your exam. Turn off all cell phones and pagers. You may not use cell phones or other PDA’s for any purpose during the exam. Leave the exam paper CLOSED until you are instructed to begin. Probability table(s) and formulas will be distributed separate from the exam paper. Do not write on these. Return both documents with your completed exam. You may not leave the room for any reason before you submit your paper. You may not ask questions during the exam. Circle the best answer to each multiple-choice question. Answer all free-response questions neatly in the spaces provided. For all questions that require work you must show the formula and at least one intermediate calculation. Page Number Points 1 12 2 12 3 6 4 12 5 8 Total 50
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Questions 1 – 15 are worth 2 points each. 1. Given that Z is a standard normal variable, the value z for which P ( Z ! z ) = 0.6736 is a. 0.1736 b. 0.45 c. -0.1736 d. -0.45 2. For some positive value of x , the probability that a standard normal variable is between 0 and + 2 x is 0.1255. The value of x is 3. Which of the following statements is not true? 4. The owner of a local nightclub has recently surveyed a random sample of n = 300 customers of the club. She would now like to determine whether or not the mean age of her customers is over 35. If so, she plans to alter the entertainment to appeal to an older crowd. If not, no entertainment changes will be made.
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