1260-f09-HW9 - c=xlx *i) @w i i i i i l 3,b#lt{r I i l Lr I...

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2,5 #Ja. rt - i *7 fJt: +v6. lqn5x*r):] z4a$X*l 16:5Y*l lE=5Y /1r- @ 36#8, G,= 0try1 e =0+ "#)'=-.I = l,oo5tl_l /l - Ll 1*l t?rE #soi foq[x+s) +/q [x*f = t tdqCx+5)Lx+"2)= i /5 t'Lv,+-s)tx*z) lO = '?+lX+tO C = y-+-TV
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Unformatted text preview: c=xlx *i) @w i i i i i l 3,b#lt{r I i l Lr I trtri 1'I ',',D1 " t I uvv^ x'r "3 xa- 9 I t r t t x-? -3 I t r n X - 1 x't -z v-z ,\-, 41i . / : 1 - -,_) ,* /- e :'-5 X-+ X*6 fy-e l7,3Ce,q3 f-- P...
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2010 for the course MATH 1260 taught by Professor Simon during the Fall '09 term at Toledo.

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