LinkedList - void add(int index Object newItem throw( void...

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// ********************************************************* // Header file LinkedList.h for the ADT list. // Pointer(Reference)-based implementation. // ********************************************************* #include "ListIndexOutOfRangeException.h" class Object { public: virtual ~Object() {} // make sure that appropriate destructor will be called virtual operator const char*() const { return "Object"; } // any object can be converted to a string which can be printed to stream // (see TestLinkedList.cpp for example) }; // NOTE: // The List can hold pointers to any object of a class derived from Object class ListReferenceBased { public: // constructors and destructor: ListReferenceBased(); // default constructor ~ListReferenceBased(); // destructor // list operations: bool isEmpty() const; int size() const; Object* get(int index) throw(ListIndexOutOfRangeException);
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Unformatted text preview: void add(int index, Object* newItem) throw(ListIndexOutOfRangeException); void remove(int index) throw(ListIndexOutOfRangeException); void removeAll(); private: class Node // a node on the list { private: Object *item; // a data item on the list Node *next; // pointer to next node public: Node(Object* newItem, Node* nextNode=NULL) { item = newItem; next = nextNode; } void setItem(Object* newItem) { item = newItem; } Object* getItem() { return item; } void setNext(Node* nextNode) { next = nextNode; } Node* getNext() { return next; } }; // end Node int numItems; // number of items in list Node *head; // pointer to linked list of items Node *find(int index) const; // Returns a pointer to the index-th node // in the linked list. }; // end class // End of header file....
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LinkedList - void add(int index Object newItem throw( void...

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