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MACHINE DESIGN - An 1-2-1 PROBLEM 1-2 Statement: A bowling machine is desired to allow quadriplegic youths, who can only move a joystick, to engage in the sport of bowling at a conventional bowling alley. Consider the factors involved, write a goal statement, and develop a set of at least 12 task specifications that constrain this problem. Then suggest 3 possible concepts to achieve the goal. Make annotated, freehand sketches of the concepts. Solution: Goal Statement: Create a means to allow a quadriplegic to bowl. Task Specifications: 1. Cost no more than $2 000. 2. Portable by no more than two able-bodied adults.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Fit through a standard doorway. 4. Provide no threat of injury to user in normal use. 5. Operate from a 110 V, 60 Hz, 20 amp circuit. 6. Be visually unthreatening. 7. Be easily positioned at bowling alley. 8. Have ball-aiming ability, controllable by user. 9. Automatically reload returned balls. 10. Require no more than 1 able-bodied adult for assistance in use. 11. Ball release requires no more than a mouth stick-switch closure. 12. Be simple to use with minimal written instructions necessary. Concepts and sketches are left to the student. There are an infinity of possibilities. P
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