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Problem 1-6 - The mass in slugs is M 6.85 slug = The mass...

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MACHINE DESIGN - An 1-6-1 PROBLEM 1-6 Statement: Express a 100-kg mass in units of slugs, blobs, and lbm. How much does this mass weigh? Units: blob lbf sec 2 . in N newton Given: M 100 kg . Assumptions: The mass is at sea-level and the gravitational acceleration is g 32.174 ft sec 2 = or g 386.089 in sec 2 = or g 9.807 m sec 2 = Solution: See Mathcad file P0106. 1. Convert mass units by assigning different units to the units place-holder when displaying the mass value.
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Unformatted text preview: The mass, in slugs , is M 6.85 slug = The mass, in blobs , is M 0.571 blob = The mass, in lbm , is M 220.5 lb = Note: Mathcad uses lbf for pound-force, and lb for pound-mass. 2. To determine the weight of the given mass, multiply the mass value by the acceleration due to gravity, g. The weight, in lbf , is W M g . W 220.5 lbf = The weight, in N , is W M g . W 980.7 N = P 0106.mcd...
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