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MACHINE DESIGN - An 2-1-1 PROBLEM 2-1 Statement: Figure P2-1 shows stress-strain curves for three failed tensile-test specimens. All are plotted on the same scale. (a) Characterize each material as brittle or ductile. (b) Which is the stiffest? (c) Which has the highest ultimate strength? (d) Which has the largest modulus of resilience? (e) Which has the largest modulus of toughness? Solution: See Figure P2-1 and Mathcad file P0201. 1. The material in Figure P2-1(a) has a moderate amount of strain beyond the yield point, P2-1(b) has very little, and P2-1(c) has considerably more than either of the other two. Based on this observation, the material in Figure P2-1(a) is mildly ductile , that in P2-1(b)is brittle , and that in P2-1(c) is ductile . 2. The stiffest material is the one with the grearesr slope in the elastic range. Determine this by dividing the rise by the run of the straight-line portion of each curve. The material in Figure P2-1(c) has a slope of 5 stress units per strain unit, which is the greatest of the three. Therefore,
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