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MACHINE DESIGN - An 2-2-1 PROBLEM 2-2 Statement: Determine an approximate ratio between the yield strength and ultimate strength for each material shown in Figure P2-1. Solution: See Figure P2-1 and Mathcad file P0202. 1. The yield strength is the value of stress at which the stress-strain curve begins to be nonlinear. The ultimate strength is the maximum value of stress attained during the test. From the figure, we have the following values of
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Unformatted text preview: yield strength and tensile strength: Figure P2-1(a) S ya 5 S ua 6 Figure P2-1(b) S yb 9 S ub 10 Figure P2-1(c) S yc 5 S uc 8 2. The ratio of yield strength to ultimate strength for each material is: Figure P2-1(a) ratio a S ya S ua ratio a 0.83 = Figure P2-1(b) ratio b S yb S ub ratio b 0.90 = Figure P2-1(c) ratio c S yc S uc ratio c 0.63 = P
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