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MACHINE DESIGN - An 2-16-1 PROBLEM 2-16 Statement: What are the principal alloy elements of an AISI 1095 steel? How much carbon does it have? Is it hardenable? By what techniques? Solution: See Mathcad file P0216. 1. Determine the principal alloying elements from Table 2-5 for 10xx steel. Carbon only, no alloying elements 2. From "Steel Numbering Systems" in Section 2.6, the carbon content is
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Unformatted text preview: From the last two digits, the carbon content is 0.95%. 3. Is it hardenable? Yes, as a high-carbon steel, it has sufficient carbon content for hardening. By what techniques? It can be through hardened by heating, quenching and tempering; and it can also be case hardened (See Section 2.4). P
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