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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-2a-1 PROBLEM 3-2a Statement: Draw free-body diagrams for the system of Problem 3-1a (bicycle frame). Assumptions: 1. A two-dimensional model is adequate. 2. The lower front-fork bearing at C takes all of the thrust load from the front forks. 3. There are no significant forces on the handle bars. Solution: See Mathcad file P0302a. 1. A typical bicycle frame is shown in Figure 3-2a. There are five points on the frame where external forces and moments are present. The rider's seat is mounted through a tube at A . This is a rigid connection, capable of transmitting two force components and a moment. The handle bars and front-wheel forks are supported by the frame through two bearings, located at B and C . These bearings are capable of transmitting radial and axial loads. The pedal-arm assembly is supported by bearings at D . These bearings are capable of transmitting radial loads. The rear wheel-sprocket assembly is supported by bearings mounted on an axle fixed to the frame at
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