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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-6-1 PROBLEM 3-6 Statement: For the trailer hitch of Problem 3-4, determine the horizontal force that will result on the ball from an impact between the ball and the tongue of the 2000-kg trailer if the hitch deflects 2.8 mm dynamically on impact. The tractor weighs 1000 kg. The velocity at impact is 0.3 m/sec. Units: kN 10 3 newton . Given: Mass of trailer M trailer 2000 kg . Dynamic deflection δ i 2.8 mm . Mass of tractor M tractor 1000 kg . Impact velocity v i 0.3 m sec . Assumptions: 1. The tractor is the "struck member" because the hitch is on the tractor and it is the hitch that
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Unformatted text preview: deflects. 2. Equations (3.9) and (3.10) can be used to model the impact. Solution: See Mathcad file P0306. 1. The weight of the trailer (the "striking member") is W trailer M trailer g . W trailer 19.613 kN = 2. The correction factor, from equation (3-15), is η 1 1 M tractor 3 M trailer . 0.857 = 3. Eliminating E from equations (3.9a) and (3.10) and solving for the horizontal force on the ball F i yields 1 2 F i . i . 1 2 M trailer . v i 2 . . F i M trailer . v i 2 . i F i 55.1 kN = P
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