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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-7-1 PROBLEM 3-7 Statement: The piston of an internal-combustion engine is connected to its connecting rod with a "wrist pin." Find the force on the wrist pin if the 0.5-kg piston has an acceleration of 2 500 g. Units: kN 10 3 newton . Given: Mass of piston M piston 0.5 kg . Acceleration of piston a piston 2500 g . Assumptions: 1. The force on the wrist pin due to the weight of the piston is very small compared with the
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Unformatted text preview: acceleration force. Solution: See Mathcad file P0307. 1. The acceleration in m/s is a piston 2.452 10 4 . m sec 2 = 2. Using Newton's Second Law expressed in equation (3.1 a ), the force on the wrist pin is F wristpin M piston a piston . F wristpin 12.258 kN = P
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