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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-14-1 PROBLEM 3-14 Statement: Figure P3-5 shows a child's toy called a pogo stick. The child stands on the pads, applying half her weight on each side. She jumps off the ground, holding the pads up against her feet, and bounces along with the spring cushioning the impact and storing energy to help each rebound. Find the natural frequency of the system, the static deflection of the spring with the child standing still, and the dynamic force and deflection when the child lands after jumping 2 in off the ground. P F /2 i F /2 i Units: blob lbf sec 2 . in Given: Child's weight W c 60 lbf . Spring constant k 100 lbf . in 1 . Pogo stick weight W p 5 lbf . Height of drop h 2 in . Assumptions: 1. An approximate energy method will be acceptable. 2. The correction factor for energy dissipation will be applied.
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