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Problem 3-15 - plotter feet The horizontal force at the...

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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-15-1 PROBLEM 3-15 Statement: A pen plotter imparts a constant acceleration of 2.5 m/sec 2 to the pen assembly, which travels in a straight line across the paper. The moving pen assembly weighs 0.5 kg. The plotter weighs 5 kg. What coefficient of friction is needed between the plotter feet and the table top on which it sits to prevent the plotter from moving when the pen accelerates? Units: N newton Given: Acceleration of pen ass'y a 2.5 m . sec 2 . Mass of pen ass'y m pen 0.5 kg . Mass of plotter m plot 5 kg . Solution: See Mathcad file P0315. 1. The force imparted to the pen assembly by the internal drive mechanism must be reacted at the table top by the
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Unformatted text preview: plotter feet. The horizontal force at the feet will be equal to the force on the pen assembly and must be less than or equal to the maximum friction force, which is the product of the coefficient of friction and the normal force, which is the weight of the plotter. Horizontal driving force on pen ass'y F pen m pen a . F pen 1.25 N = Weight of plotter W plot m plot g . W plot 49.033 N = Minimum coefficient of friction μ F pen W plot 0.025 = P 0315.mcd...
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