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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-20-1 PROBLEM 3-20 Statement: Assume that the load of paper rolls in Problem 3-18 will slide sideways at a truck speed of 20 mph on the curve in question. Estimate the impact force of the cargo against the trailer wall. The force-deflection characteristic of the trailer wall has been measured as approximately 400 lb/in. Given: Weight of paper W p 44415 lbf . Weight of trailer W t 14000 lbf . Speed of tractor/trailer v t 20 mph . Radius of curve r 50 ft . Trailer width w 8 ft . Paper roll length L 38 in . L 3.167 ft = Trailer wall stiffness k 400 lbf in Assumptions: 1. The paper rolls act as a monolith since they are tightly strapped together with steel bands. 2. The worst case will result if friction between the floor and the paper is neglected. Solution: See Figure P3-8 and Mathcad file P0320. 1. Calculate the distance that the rolls will slide before impacting the wall.
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