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MACHINE DESIGN - An 3-22-1 PROBLEM 3-22 Statement: A roller-blade skate is shown in Figure P3-10. The polyurethane wheels are 72 mm dia. The skate-boot-foot combination weighs 2 kg. The effective "spring rate" of the person-skate subsystem is 6000 N/m. Find the forces on the wheels' axles for a 100-kg person landing a 0.5-m jump on one foot. (a) Assume all 4 wheels land simultaneously. (b) Assume that one wheel absorbs all the landing force. Units: N newton kN 10 3 newton . Given: Mass of struck member M sys 2 kg . Stiffness of struck member k 6000 N m . Mass of striking member M person 100 kg . Height of drop h 0.5 m . Assumptions:
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