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Page 1 of 1 CEG/MTH/416/616 Matrix Computations Winter 2010 Final Exam - Study Topics/Procedures General a. Review Mid-Term Exam and Quizzes: you may come by my office to discuss solutions. b. Review all your class notes c. Review text chapters covered d. Review Homework assignments: you may come by my office to discuss solutions. Programming a. Fundamentals of MATLAB, scientific programming, and floating point numbers. b. Review MATLAB notation: it will be used on exam for matrices, vectors, etc. Matrix Algebra Review a. Basic definitions and properties of matrices, vectors, and determinants b. Solution of linear equations c. Solution of matrix eigenvalue problems d. Solution of least squares problems e. Solution of singular value decomposition problems Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations a. Vector, matrix norms and condition numbers of matrices: meaning and how to apply b. Sherman-Morrison identities c. Sensitivity and perturbation analysis d. Gaussian elimination with and without row interchanges e. PA=LU decomposition with forward and backward substitutions
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