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Identification of New Product/Service The 20 th century saw the beginning and the permanent integration of an important industry: Electronics. One strong actor in the birth of this new technology, are the works of Dr. John Ambrose Flemming who invented the electron tube in 1904. For many experts, this defines the true beginning of an exponential development in this field. After Military uses during the mid- 20 th century, in the 1970’s companies around the world enter this promising market, but in a more consumer-oriented perspective. Soon enough, coloured televisions, Walkmans, computers, sound systems, washing machines, and more electronic apparatuses make their way to our households. But these do have limits, like cars need petrol to run, electronic products need powering in electricity to function. Today as the electronic business rapidly grows, there are also significant investments in Research & Development to discover better, more economical, environmentally friendly and modern ways of distributing the energy to electronic consumers. Holding the leadership of the “powering” market sets its leader on top of a gold mine, considering the dependence of the abundant number of electronic devices. Epsilon has therefore
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Identification_of_New_Product - Identification of New...

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