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E: ronic Corporations e.g. Best Buy, Future Shop. panies Online Portal 0 Call Center number for large orders. MARKETING MIX sing. panies that enable quick dispersion of product specifications. CE: minal Low Price of US $ 99.99. t a package of two for only US $ 139.99. veral promotional discounts available. edit plan available starting at only 6%. DUCT: s ilon Home, Office and Portable Mat. u oid Spaghetti of wires lish and Environmentally Friendly Epsilon® is a complete solution for simultaneously delivering real time, wireless charging to multiple electronics including mobile phones, music players, handheld games, electronic readers, GPS devices, Bluetooth headsets, notebooks and laptops. Our technology has been miniaturized to a level where it can be embedded into virtually any device, as well as walls and table top surfaces. The technology is fast, efficient, safe and revolutionizes the way consumers charge and power gadgets of the future. Product: Epsilon® offers a wide variety of charging mats that enables you to charge multiple devices on one surface without any cords required. These include the Epsilon® home mat the Epsilon® office mat and the convenient Epsilon® portable mat. The home & office mat allows the consumer to charge up to four devices at the same time while the portable mat allows wireless charging for up to three devices. All products have an inbuilt voltage converter and come with compatibility devices such as power tips that enable the consumer to charge nearly all types of mobile devices. We pride ourselves in engineering the most durable charging mat ever made. The quality is one that is never compromised and our product is made not only keeping economics but also product ergonomics in mind. Handpicked aluminum is selected for the finishing of our products to ensure resistance from crack and deformation. The plastic used undergoes a five stage process to ensure
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marketing mix - E: UCT: : lon Home,Price ofand Portable...

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