SyllabusF06 - Economics 101 Introduction to Microeconomics...

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Economics 101: Introduction to Microeconomics Syllabus Alan C. Marco, Vassar College ** Note: read this document in its entirety. Introduction This course is designed both for those considering the economics major and for those hoping to gain a basic understanding of microeconomics and economic reasoning. In either case, the goal of this course is to teach basic economic principles in a way that enables you to (1) apply them to your own decision-making, and (2) be an informed reader/consumer/voter/citizen/employee/employer. In recent years economists have extended the discipline into many areas: policy, politics, psychology, law, anthropology. The primary reason for the success of economic analysis is because the simple tools that we develop in this course are applicable to any type of decision-making. Some of what you read in the newspaper about economics is--at best--uninformed and--at worst-- wrong and misleading. Part of the problem is that arguments on both sides of some issues sound compelling. In this course you will learn tools to help guide your thinking about economic issues. To that end, we will use formal logic to analyze the issues central to microeconomics. In our class discussions you will be required to express your ideas in a logical and clear way. Most of the tools we will use in this course will be graphical or algebraic. Requirements The grading will be broken down as follows: Class participation 5 Assignments (best n-1 ) out of n 25 Midterm examination 35 Final examination 35 Class participation includes doing the reading before the lecture in which we discuss it. This will be especially important on the days we discuss readings from outside the text. There will be
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SyllabusF06 - Economics 101 Introduction to Microeconomics...

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