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Economics 101, Essay 1 Alan C. Marco Due 10/4/06 Read the article “Timeshare trap” in the reading list. Write a short analytical essay (approx. 2 pages, double spaced, stapled) addressing the economic issues of the article as they relate to things we've discussed in class, especially market equilibrium. The essay should be as straightforward and concise as possible. No need for flowery or persuasive language. Take the facts as given, but not necessarily the conclusions. Bullet points and other organizing features are helpful. Think of it more like an outline than an
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Unformatted text preview: essay. With regard to the article, the following questions may help you get going. What does the article say about equilibrium in the timeshare market? Is there disequilibrium? Are there reasons why the market doesn’t work? Are there reasons to suspect that the market is working? Is there a difference between the “new” market in timeshares and the “used” market? Do they each function equally well? If you owned a timeshare and wanted to get rid of it, what would you do?...
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