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Exam Taking Alan C. Marco The following notes relate to taking “Marco exams.” Some of the advice applies to economics exams or more broadly to exams in general. But, basically it’s advice based on experience with my exams. 1 Studying All reading should be done well ahead of the exam. So, when it gets to examt imethemosteffect ivewaytostudyisnottos itdownanddoa l lthe reading that should have already been done. Re-reading or going over notes also wouldn’t be my highest priority. My strategy (and order of priorities would be): 1. Do lots and lots of problems Start with my old exams, and if you need more, go to the text- book website and take the quizzes there. Do as many as possible. Use notes and things if you need to while doing the problems. You should at least sketch out a solution strategy, even if you don’t answer every question on preview exams or old exams. Do not just look at the solutions for the old exams. Do the problems first. My experience is that it is very easy to think “I could do that” when you see something worked out for you. In reality you might have a hard time sketching out a solution strategy. This is why doing as many problems as possible is important. 2. Find out where you went wrong and where you need improvement.
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ExamTips - 1 .liated ni snoitulos tes melborp eht daer dna...

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