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Syllabus 2010708a - VASSAR COLLEGE Department of Economics...

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VASSAR COLLEGE Department of Economics Economics 201, Microeconomic Theory Geoffrey Jehle Fall, 2007 Office: 138 Blodgett Hours: Mon. 3–4:30 Wed. 11–12:30. General Comments This course will strengthen and extend your understanding of price theory. You are expected to have a firm grasp of material covered in Economics 101. If you need some review of that material, Blinder. The course is composed of three complementary elements: lectures, readings and problems. All three over-lap, but they do not duplicate each other. You will have to take some initiative in pulling it all together. I will be available during office hours to help, so feel free to take advantage of that. Requirements and Grading Problem Sets: There will be six (6) graded problem sets. I will try to hand them out one week before they are due. Please remember to attribute help you receive on the problem sets. Examinations : There will be a midterm exam and a scheduled final exam. Exams will concentrate on the material presented in class and in the assigned problems sets. You will be expected to have command of that material. Grading : The best way to learn micro theory is to stay on top of it as you go along. The worst way is to cram the night before exams. The following weighting scale has been established to encourage you to learn the material in the best way: Problem Sets. . . . . 20% of course grade Midterm Exam . . . . . 35% Final Exam . . . . . 45% Grading is on the scale 0–100. A rough (though not absolute) idea of the correspondence that will
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2010 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Vassar.

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Syllabus 2010708a - VASSAR COLLEGE Department of Economics...

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