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Economics 200 Macroeconomic Theory Problem Set 4 Due at the beginning of class on October 9, 2007. 1 . Consider an economy with a technology described by the aggregate production function 2 . ]œ OP " 33 2 Suppose that there is no population growth or technical progress and that the depreciation rate is 5% ( ). $ œÞ!& (a) Show that the per capita production function is 2 . Cœ 5 " 3 (b) Suppose that the saving rate is 10% ( , find the steady-state levels of capital, income and =œÞ"Ñ consumption per person. (c) Find the golden rule levels of capital and income per person. 2 , . Note that, for Cœ 5 QT œ 5 "# $ 3 5 # $ (d) What is the golden rule saving rate? (e) Find the golden rule level of consumption per person. (f) Suppose that this economy had reached the steady state with and then the saving rate rose to =œÞ" the golden rule level and stayed there forever. Draw a graph showing the paths of income, consumption, and gross investment prior to the change in and for at least 50 years during the transition to the new steady state. = How many years does it take for consumption per person to exceed its value at the original steady state?
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