ECON 200 Syllabus Fall 2007

ECON 200 Syllabus Fall 2007 - Paul Johnson...

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Paul Johnson ( Office Hours: Blodgett Hall 126 Monday 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM 845-437-5213 (Office) Tuesday 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM 914-456-0548 (Home) or by appointment Economics 200 Macroeconomic Theory The goals of this course in macroeconomic theory are twofold. The first is to equip you with some theories of several aspects of both the long and short-run behavior of the aggregate economy. The second is for you to learn how to use those theories as frameworks for understanding economic issues. The idea is that you will be able to use extant theories to understand both current and future macroeconomic issues as well as to learn new theories as the field develops. The course is fairly quantitative in nature. We will be using both graphs and algebra to learn the theories. You will need some computer literacy in order to complete the problem sets – familiarity with a spreadsheet program such as Excel will suffice. If you are not familiar with Excel, see me ASAP. You are encouraged to use the PCs in the Lueloff lab (BH 026) for this class. There will be 10 problem sets assigned during the semester. Be aware that no late work will be accepted – don't even bother to ask. The average of the best of these will be your 8# “problem set grade.” I encourage you to work together on the problems sets and to consult with me regarding any difficulties that you may be having with them or any other aspect of the course. I do expect, however, that each student will turn in a distinct set of responses to the problem set questions.
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ECON 200 Syllabus Fall 2007 - Paul Johnson...

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