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how employers are waging war on the job

how employers are waging war on the job - employees via...

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Gina Acevedo Bus 101-08 3/27/08 “How Employers Wage War On Workplace Obesity”        The following article posted on Forbes.com describes the  controversial methods one employer is using to fight the battle of the  bulge. CEO David Siegel is offering incentives to his employees at  CFI Westgate Resorts if they sign up for wellness programs and lose  weight. Several years earlier, he established a policy where all  Westgate associates were given one year to quit smoking or face  being fired. In turn, health premiums increased by 5 percent, which is  much lower than increases seen by other companies. When asked  about the legality of Westgate’s smoking ban, Peter Cappelli, the  director of the Center for Human Resources response was: “…  everything that is legal is not necessarily ethical or socially  acceptable.” 
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       Siegel’s approaches to improving the welfare of Westgate’s 
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Unformatted text preview: employees via incentives is an example of how employee compensation in conjunction with behavior modification can benefit everyone at a given firm. In return for quitting smoking, several employees were able to retain their jobs, although it may be illegal to use such tactics. On the other hand, Siegel is attempting to motivate employees to lose weight in order to reduce absenteeism and improve overall health. However, one can’t help but notice that Siegel’s apparently noble cause has some strong underlying intentions motivating him to push his plans so adamantly. For example, if workers lose weight, less money would eventually be paid out to cover absenteeism and medical expenses. In turn, that could spell more potential profits lining his pockets at the end of the year....
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how employers are waging war on the job - employees via...

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