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Excel Problem: Post-Closing Trial Balance Name: Using cell references, properly place each account's balance in either the debit column or the credit column, assuming each account has a normal balance. Input a simple formula to determine the credit balance of "Account X" that will correctly complete the trial balance. Use formulas to finish the trial balance with totals for each column. DATA: Account Balance Account Balance Cash
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Unformatted text preview: 2,000 Prepaid Rent 400 Accounts Receivable 900 Notes Payable 250 Accounts Payable 380 Retained Earnings 850 Equipment 700 Common Stock 550 Accum. Depreciation 70 Post-Closing Trial Balance Debit Credit Cash 2,000 Accounts Receivable 900 Prepaid Rent 400 Equipment 700 Accum. Depreciation 70 Accounts Payable 380 Notes Payable 250 Retained Earnings 850 Common Stock 550 Account X 1,900 TOTALS: 4,000 4,000...
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