Final_Exam_Info - assingments solutions for spring 2007 actsc371

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ACTSC 371 – Final Exam Information The exam will cover the entire course. For extra problems, you can go to the textbook website. For each chapter, there are multiple choice problems, as well as other problems. You will find these helpful. (only the topics discussed in class are relevant) The formula sheets that will be provided for the exam are attached. DO NOT BRING THESE SHEETS TO THE EXAM! Copies of these sheets will be attached to the exam. The following might be helpful: ± Chapter 1: This is preliminary material which is easy to review. ± Chapter 2: You should know most of this material on basic accounting. Q 2.1.-2.8 are all relevant. ± Appendix 2A: You only need to know that major ratios discussed in class. ± Chapter 3: The EFN and sustainable growth material is important. Q 3.1-3.6 are all good. ± Chapter 4: This material will not be emphasized. ± Chapter 5: This material is obviously fundamental. If you can’t calculate PV and FV of cash flows, you are dead. The formulas for perpetuities etc. will be provided, but you should know how to prove them. All of the questions at the back are good; however, you only need to be able to answer 1 or 2 from each subsection. The rest are all the same. Don’t forget this is a math. ± Chapter 6: All of this will be covered. The Bond material is usually easier, if you remember semi-annual compounding. The NPVGO stuff is harder.
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Final_Exam_Info - assingments solutions for spring 2007 actsc371

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