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Unformatted text preview: SPC 103: Developmental Psychology Department of Psychology School of Health and Natural Sciences Sunway University College Year 1 Semester 3 Lecture 6: Physical & Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Physical Changes Body growth and change • Height: Average growth is 2.5 inch p/ year • Weight: 5-7 pounds p/year – (less for girls than for boys) • Variations: – Genetics – Nutrition – Prenatal problems – Experiences – SES Brain • In early childhood, brain growth is not as rapid as in infancy • Changes in child’s brain structure: – Increase in number and size of dendrites (nerve endings) – Increased myelination • better focus, coordination – Increased dopamine concentration • and most rapid growth in frontal lobe during ages 3 to 6 years More research is needed to chart connections between cognitive development, brain structure, and information processing • Gross Motor Development ...
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