Social communication solving tasks and monitoring

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Unformatted text preview: Teach through Scaffolding – Scaffolding involves changing level of support during a teaching session – close, direct instruction is reduced – Language/ dialogue as tool for scaffolding – is used for social communication, solving tasks, and monitoring one’s own behavior – Private speech Language • Vygotsky claims that: – Language and thought develop independently of each other and then merge – Child uses language to communicate with others before she/he can focus on inward thoughts – Transition to use of internal speech occurs between ages 3 and 7 and is followed by action without speaking aloud • • Socially competent children use private speech more – Piaget: self-talk is egocentric and reflects immaturity Research finds private speech is used more in difficult tasks; users are more attentive and perform better Vygotsky’s recommended teaching strategies • Effectively assess child...
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