Lecture 9b Satisfaction - OCB with Job Performance •...

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SPC 104: Organisational Psychology Department of Psychology School of Health and Natural Sciences Sunway University College Year 1 Semester 3 24 March – 5 July 2008 Lecture 9: Job Satisfaction (Part 2) Organizational Citizenship Behaviour The contributions that employees make to the overall welfare of the organization that go beyond the required duties of their job (Muchinsky 2006) o Prosocial behaviour Orgon (1994), referred an employee with this behaviour as a “ good soldier Organizational Citizenship Behavior Altruism Sportsmanship Conscientiousness Courtesy Civic Virtue OCB with Job Satisfaction Podsakoff et. al. (2000), reported a positive correlation with job satisfaction Chen et. al. (1998), employees with more OCB are less likely to turnover
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Unformatted text preview: OCB with Job Performance • MacKenzie, Podsakoff and Fetter (1991) o Manager’s evaluations of agent’s performance was based on Alutruism Civic virtue Productivity levels • Podsakoff, Ahearne & MacKenzie (1997) studied machine crew performance of a paper mill o Altruism and sportsmanship affected overall performance o Altruism is related to quality of performance • Allen & Rush (1998) o After controlling teacher’s performance 1 Students rated higher evaluations to teachers who exhibited higher OCB • OCB affects organizational effectiveness: o Speeds up orientation & socialization process of new employees o Requires less managerial supervision o Reduce worker conflicts o Employees are more willing to take on more responsibilities o Creates a more positive working environment 2...
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Lecture 9b Satisfaction - OCB with Job Performance •...

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