Lecture 3 Long Term Memory - SPC 231 Cognition and...

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SPC 231 Cognition and Perception Lecture 3 : Long Term Memory Department of Psychology, School of Health and Natural Sciences Sunway University College Long Term Memory 1. Declarative Memory are facts or events from the conscious mind 2. Implicit memory are things that occur in the past that may have influenced our behaviour without us realising it. Declarative Memory Declarative memory is divided into 2 (Tulving, 1985) 1. Episodic memory – specific events that had happened. It is usually a personal experience. Involves mental time travel. 2. Semantic memory – knowledge of the world that is not tied to any specific experience. No feelings attachment. Related research: Levine & colleagues (2004) indicates that retrieval of semantic and episodic memories causes overlapping but with different patterns of brain activity. Relationship between semantic and episodic o Memory is often remember first via episodic and then semantic. Episodic may fade away leaving the semantic. o Semantic memories that have personal significance would be remembered better. o
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Lecture 3 Long Term Memory - SPC 231 Cognition and...

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