The Extending My Comfort Zone Project-Fall 2009

The Extending My Comfort Zone Project-Fall 2009 - The...

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The “Extending My Comfort Zone” Project MANA 6332 Goal of assignment: to enhance your skills for entering a new or uncomfortable setting and navigating successfully within it. A Five Step Model of Comfort Zone Extension 1. Anticipation. Before entering into the situation an image of the environment is created. In some cases, one’s mind paints pictures worse than reality is. Dealing with any anxiety while imagining yourself successfully navigating the situation may provide as much benefit that actually dealing with the situation once you find yourself in it. 2. Entry. Leaving one’s comfort zone and entering another setting. Feeling conspicuous and uncomfortable. 3. Observation. As time passes, one feels more comfortable. Watching everyone within the setting and observing patterns of interaction. 4. Interaction. Interacting with members of the setting 5. Reflection. Thinking about the experience and developing future strategies for interacting with people in that setting. Charge:
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