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22:223:581:41 Managerial Economic Analysis—Spring 2010 Michael A. Crew, CRRI Professor of Regulatory Economics Room 1120, 1 Washington Park, 973-353-5049 Wednesday 6:00-9:00 p.m.--Room 216 Managerial Economics is a core course and provides the foundation for a number of courses, e.g., 223:591 Aggregate Economic Analysis and 390:587 Financial Management. It deals with basic microeconomic theory and some applications to the decisions of the firm and regulatory and public policy issues. What should students expect to learn from completing this class? I. A basic grasp of some simple neoclassical microeconomic theory including an understanding of the important concepts including their technical and intuitive underpinnings. This will include an ability to solve problems and to develop economic arguments. II. An understanding of the nature of incentives including some implications of recent developments in economic theory. III. A sense of the economist’s approach to problem solving. What can you expect from the instructor? 1.
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man-econ10 - 22:223:581:41 Managerial Economic...

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