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Notes from week 14 - Kelly Young Soci 101 9 AM Notes from...

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Kelly Young 11/23/09 Soci 101, 9 AM Notes from “Moving Up in the Working Class” Article: Morris, John M., Grimes, Michael D. “Moving Up in the Working Class.” Contexts 2(1): 383 – 394. This article discusses people who have jumped up in the their social working class (specifically to become sociologists). People make sacrifices to get ahead in life and to be upwardly mobile people have to be future oriented. “Most student’s from working class homes who are striving to better their situation in life become discouraged at the many obstacles in their paths.” Deficit of cultural capital – Despite the deficit of cultural capital, members of the working class can attain social mobility through hard work, native ability, and perseverance. People who have “made something of themselves” accomplished their socialization into a higher class despite what they were taught. They become successful at the expense of the approval and acceptance of their families and childhood peers. Main Thesis – Early socialization within a class culture has deep and abiding effects o Experience “culture shock” when they leave their class culture (foreign territory, especially for women and minorities) The first exposure to culture occurs during childhood. Parents pass a variety of resources down to their children. Family resources as the total volume of capital available for
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Notes from week 14 - Kelly Young Soci 101 9 AM Notes from...

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