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CLASS DATA SET QUESTIONNAIRE! *DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ON THIS PACKET* This packet contains several questions about topics that are of interest to college students. Please complete these questions as honestly as possible. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY The responses you provide will be combined with data from another class to form a class data set, that will be used for demonstration purposes only. During the course of this semester, we will use this data to illustrate statistical concepts and procedures. You will also be assigned homework using the data from this packet. As a result, a copy of your responses to these questions will be distributed to the entire class; however all responses will remain anonymous. Your name will not be associated with your responses at any time. You are under no obligation to complete this packet. There will be no penalty whatsoever if you choose not to complete it, and your responses will have no effect on your grade in this course. Additionally, you may skip any item(s) that make you feel uncomfortable. Once again, your responses in this packet will be completely confidential. Thanks a lot. *DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ON THIS PACKET*
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Class Data Set Questionnaire! Do not write your name anywhere on this packet. 1) Your gender 1) Male 2) Female 2) Year in school 1) Freshman 2) Sophomore 3) Junior 4) Senior On a typical weekday during the school year, how many hours do you spend engaged in each of the following activities (ACTUAL)? Also, how many hours would you ideally like to be engaged in each of these activities (IDEAL)? ACTUAL number of hours/weekday This is how often I currently do this activity IDEAL number of hours/weekday Under ideal circumstances, I would spend this number of hours engaged in this activity 3) …how many hours/day do you watch TV 0.5 0 4) …how many hours/day do you exercise (e.g., aerobics, weight training, sports)? 1.5
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