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1) Z-test Just know compare to critical value 2) Regression co-efficient y= bx1 + bx2 + a (Homework 9) – example 3) Correlation Spearman’s Rho – use with rank and outliers Look at the correlation and right under it is the significance level Just a relationship until hits (0.3) 4) T-test Levene’s equal variance test
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Unformatted text preview: Look at t (compare to critical value) – If tobt > tcrit, reject Ho which means it is sign./ there is a difference (See e-mail question 2) 5) ANOVA Look at sign. Column if < .05, use Games Howell/ if > .05, use Tukey (See e-mail again) 6) Chi-squared df – compare crit with .01, unless told .05 (see her example)...
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