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Regression - a When doing multiple regression there are...

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Regression 1. Click on “Analyze” 2. Click on “Regression” 3. Click on “Linear” 4. Highlight the dependent variable in the left column 5. Click on the sideways triangle to move the DV to the “Dependent” box 6. Highlight the independent variable(s) in the left column 7. Click on the sideways triangle to move the IV to the “Indepedents” box
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Unformatted text preview: a. When doing multiple regression, there are different ways of doing the entry… we haven’t discussed these so much… you will learn more later in your careers 8. Click on “Statistics” 9. Make sure: model fit, descriptives, part and partial correlations are all checked 10. Click on “Continue” 11. Click on “OK”...
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