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9-29-09Portugal and Spain control

9-29-09Portugal and Spain control - HIST 142 I Portugal and...

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HIST 142 9/29/09 I. Portugal and Spain control: Patronato Main Idea: Church + colonial bureaucracy = understated control o Pope Alexander VI and his successors granted Iberian monarchs broad powers over the Church in the Americas... o … known as the real patronato (royal patronage), or in Portuguese, padroado Right to oversee where churches are built Power to make appointments to high offices (In charge of appointing Bishops in Lima, Salvador) In charge of collecting in simple terms: ecclesiastical taxes Revenue control Monarchs: in charge of spiritual well being, but gain a lot of authority/ control because of this o Spiritual conquest picture: portrayed heroic phase (uplifting side of European conquest) Counteracted notorious brutality from encomenderos Friars = good guys Baptism (evangelizing fervor) reason for: excitement and intellectual growth (Grammar) Spreading the word meant understanding how to communicate (effective translation) THUS: started the stereotype: o
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