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Las Casas recitation

Las Casas recitation - Kelly Young Las Casas A Short...

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Kelly Young 9/17/09 713 65 2341 Las Casas: A Short Account Bartolome de Las Casas began life in the Americas as part of the encomienda. He transformed into a priest, as well as, one of the most influential spokespeople for the indigenous people in the midst of Spanish cruelty. As this “voice of European Christian conscience” he wrote a book called The Short Account (Las Casas, xiii). The information in his book was undoubtedly biased in favor of his own perspective since it was a first person account. Regardless of how historically correct the experience was or was not written, the book was written with a purpose, and thus is not simply an account of historical events. This primary resource was written for three major reasons. The Short Account was written first “to inform the Spanish crown of what was happening in America, as a warning that if the atrocities continued God would destroy Spain as a punishment” (Las Casas, 1). The second reason references the rhetoric in the book used to persuade action to stop the brutal treatment. Finally, Las Casas wanted to preserve his own salvation by portraying himself in a halo of good conscience while explaining the reasoning behind the terrible treatment of the natives: greed. Las Casas explained the events that took place in the new world as an established and
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  • Fall '08
  • Burns
  • Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Bartolom√© de las Casas, Spanish colonization of the Americas, Las Casas, New Laws

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Las Casas recitation - Kelly Young Las Casas A Short...

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